Punta Sur

Be sure to plan a sunrise visit to the park at Punta Sur (South Point). This is the southern-most point on Isla, the highest elevation in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the eastern-most point in all of Mexico! Stroll through the gardens to an ancient temple honoring Ixchel, the Mayan Moon Goddess, and continue down the paths to observe the limestone cliffs and feel the crashing waves. Absolutely beautiful!


Turtle Farm (Temporarily Closed)

Giant sea turtles lay their eggs in Isla’s soft sands between May and September. Protected by federal law, turtle eggs are harvested and placed in safe areas to protect them from predators. After hatching, the turtles are raised and returned to their marine habitat when ready. Here you can see the turtles in various stages of development, along with a small aquarium of other marine species. Occasionally, other rescued animals like dolphins and sharks are resident at the sanctuary.

Whale Sharks

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the few places where the plankton-eating enormous “Gentle Giant” whale sharks are close enough to shore to make it possible to see them. The season begins on May 15th and ends on September 15th. Book a boat trip and snorkel with the whale sharks – guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget!

Playa Lancheros – la Casa del Tikinxic

For the freshest seafood around, don’t miss this Isla favorite. What is Tikinxic? Dating back to pre-Hispanic Mexico, Tikinxic is the time-honored Mayan method of cooking fish. The whole fish (usually grouper or red snapper) is smothered in a citrus spice paste, wrapped in banana leaves, and slowly cooked over a wood fire. Simply delicious!

Cultura Cruisers

Cultura Cruisers is not your ordinary tour; it’s a cultural experience! Explore the colonias with a local tour guide who will share their knowledge of the history, flavors and traditions behind the local cuisine you will sample. Your belly and heart will be full as you eat delicious, traditionally made foods. Cruise on the roads less traveled, enjoy the scenery and taste the flavors of Isla Mujeres!

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