The most amazing house with spectacular 360 views.

Review for Casa Agave
The most amazing house with spectacular 360 views.
This absolutely gorgeous house set the bar for vacation homes! The layout was perfect for our group, so much well thought out room inside and out. The lay out of the multiple outdoor areas lets you enjoy sunrises to sunset. We’d have to say the best sunset view on the island! The multiple pools really set this house apart from all others we’ve stayed at. The outdoor Bluetooth speakers on the ground level and rooftop were amazing. The quality, cleanliness, and condition of everything in the hose was flawless. We keep joking about how the glass was so clean you almost couldn’t tell if the window or door was open. The host, Michele and concierge, Jennifer were so helpful and informative. Thank you to Michele and Jeff Thompson for letting us enjoy your piece of paradise on Isla Mujeres!
Date Stayed:
July 19-23, 2022
Date Submitted:
3 August 2022
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